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The Phoenix, Arizona International Training Event Starts In:
The Phoenix, Arizona International Training Event Starts In:

Geoff & Debbie Davis

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Prior to joining ACN, Debbie Davis was a stay-at-home mom and Geoff Davis was a corporate employee working for one of the Big 3 auto companies. They were both, always, big dreamers but they had a hard time finding a vehicle that could fulfill their dreams of creating wealth and having a freedom-based lifestyle. After they tried various ‘money-making’ programs and failed at every one of them, Geoff resolved to build their dreams by working his way up the corporate ladder. He worked to get his Masters Degree and, ultimately, became an executive at his job. But, even with all the perks that position brought, they both felt they were still broke – just at a higher level!

In the fall of 1992, Debbie introduced a couple of her friends to another friend of hers and those 3 individuals partnered with one other gentleman to form the company which is now the 19th largest direct sales company in the world – ACN. Debbie and Geoff were leery to get involved one more time at an attempt to make extra income from home, but they did. And through Debbie’s efforts, mainly in the beginning, their business began to grow and grow. So much so that Geoff was able to leave his executive corporate position after just 3 years involvement with ACN. He says it wasn’t a difficult decision to make: weighing the 9 – 5 grind, working 70 – 80 hrs a week versus the freedom they were able to earn by building their ACN business!

This ACN journey has been nothing short of a dream come true for Debbie and Geoff. The ability to have total time and money freedom; to be home with their kids while they grew up; to be involved in a totally positive atmosphere for 20 years in this business; to go through the personal growth required to get to the top of the company; to help tens of thousands of like-minded people achieve their goals of freedom and success; to be the only two people in the company to be honored with the highest position ACN offers – the prestigious position of Circle of Champions member every year for 20 consecutive years; to be able to travel the world and train hundreds of thousands of people in 23 countries on 4 continents. As they both say, “ACN has given us most of what money can buy……but absolutely everything money cannot buy”!